1. Stacked Modifiers
    The business has a distinguished track record in developing specialized and targeted market-value products.

  2. Odd Punctuation
    Food donations are being gathered at; Smith's Café, city hall and the high school.

  3. Grammar That Departs From Standard English
    As the 34th largest U.S. exporter, trade is critically important to our company.

  4. Interior Jargon
    We have responded by making changes in key operating parameters of the process which will provide greater assurance of a safe, stable, high-quality product. To further ensure process capability, we recently received approval for a major upgrade of our process instrumentation which will allow us to better control our new operating parameters.

  5. Overcapitalization
    Our Machinery and Equipment businesses capitalized on their growing Leadership positions and market conditions to turn in an outstanding performance in the third quarter.

  6. Passive Voice
    Food and fibers in Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa are protected by a range of products that are effective against insects, weeds, and other pests.

  7. Verbs Created From Nouns, and Vice Versa
    Special working teams were established to impact the production process.